Fuckinghell ouch
2007-03-17 17:51:47 ET

I hurt so badly. I had the surgery yesterday. I was at the hospital by 5:30am and didn’t leave till 3:30pm. The surgery took an hour and a half longer then it was supposed to. My gallbladder was inflamed a lot I guess. So he had to make the main incision larger, so I have four cuts but one is about an inch or so long.
And dear lord if I didn't have pain meds I think I would fucking die. Lol.. But eh.. Life and all that jazz will go on.

but all and all I am glad its over, now it will get better and no more gall attacks or what ever..

2007-03-17 19:24:02 ET


i got those too.

2007-03-17 19:55:06 ET

Glad to hear that the surgery was a success and that you're starting down the road to recovery! Love ya!

2007-03-17 21:19:27 ET

Hope you feel better. Just rember it could be worse... you could be me, after all. Except then I'd be you and not me, and that just opens the door to all kinds of perverted thoughts... so in a rare act of altrusim I'll simply borrow the words of Stan Lee and say "'Nuff Said."

2007-03-17 23:21:11 ET

Tabby: yep gallstones.. friggen gallstones.. Get them out.. I guess mine was on the verge of bursting.

Ryan: LOVE YOU.. thank you. and its all good.

Josh: Hum.. thats quite amusing.. and why would it be worse if I were you?

2007-03-18 02:06:42 ET

Because right now my mouth tastes like a mix of wallpaper paste and elephant rectum?

2007-03-18 06:01:23 ET

yeah they told me i need surgery but i havnt bothered yet.

2007-03-19 11:42:51 ET

Yeah.. Tabby, it will get worse.. but hey.. You loose weight while its still in due to loss of appetite,lol.. but still you should deal, only because if it becomes all infected you have to stay in the hospital..

Well Mr. Josh Benton, how exactly would you know what elephant rectum would taste like.. buahbhaahheww..

2007-03-19 15:28:18 ET

I know many, many unspeakable things.

2007-03-19 19:16:55 ET

yikes yeah i read about that. i'm gonna look into it when i get my other bills paid.

2007-03-22 03:59:26 ET

Well Josh, you are very very amusing.. And yet kinda creepy.. it makes you Aces in my book.

Tabby: yes.. and get insurance.. insurance is a must..

2007-03-22 04:56:51 ET

yeah i have that haha

2007-03-22 06:40:12 ET

Only kind of creepy? *sigh* I guess I'll just have to try harder next time.

2007-03-26 10:33:48 ET

awe.. Creepy is endearing.. really..

Yep insurance.. it is the only way I would ever go to the doctor. I could be dying and need medical attention and I wouldnt go to the hospital, couldnt afford it with out the insurance.. lol

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