2007-07-15 19:55:01 ET

I have become increasingly cynical as of late, its reverting back to old habits I guess.
But at least this time I know I am a cynic. So much shit has happened as of late at it makes me hate the world. Our government (for those Americans) is a lying dictatorship, and I am not saying Bush is the dictator. It is all of it, the Senate, congress, and pretty much all politicians in general. I fear the worst for the upcoming elections in 2008, I do not hold out much hope for any of the candidates.
I will still go to the polls as any citizen able to vote should. I will keep my eyes on the elections and I may still be undecided when I head down to vote.

2007-07-23 16:41:38 ET

While I don't entirely blame you, I'm surprised to hear that you feel so vehemently that there is no political hope. I HAVE to keep my hopes up...! I need to believe that reason will prevail! Hang in there...

2007-07-30 04:57:33 ET

I understand where you are coming from too... I am starting to feel better though, I am still unsure of where to cast my vote. There is so much going on, and you are one of several people that I know in the military, and I feel that how the election goes determines the safety of all military persons.


2008-03-24 11:34:40 ET

Hey, Kid! Been a few days since I got on here, but I hope that you are still feeling that glimmer of optimism that I heard here... although with the election carnival that's been going on, I don't know how you might be feeling... you're right, though, that many of us are affected on a very personal level by the outcome of the elections... I'd like to stay in the states for a while! :) Catcha again soon, I hope!

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