2002-07-30 19:42:53 ET

Life is just interesting right now... I am just in one of those moods where i am wondering why i am here.. you know the one.. Hum... I still wonder why people are such assholes in this town.. well not my friends.. well some of them.. but no.. In general people here are just butt monkeys trying their hardest to make other peoples lives a living hell.. HUm.. i wonder really i do.. will i turn out to be like that.. well i certinly hope not.. right now i just try to make things better...
I am excited though to get the hell out of this town.. I am just glad i will meat new people.. maybe ones that wont take my friendship for granted.. because that is a good thing... i am not saying all my friends do that.. because i have a few good friends here... and i am a better person for that.. :)

2002-07-30 22:55:18 ET

you know i love you right?

2002-07-31 10:49:25 ET


2002-07-31 11:35:52 ET


2002-07-31 16:33:02 ET

I love you too.

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