2007-12-16 15:58:18 ET

I am not completely sure why, but lately I have been screaming on the inside and faking happy.

Maybe itís the season, but I mean... I don't know what I mean...

Work is going great however... I found out last night that I passed my national certification test... My NCCT, I am now a CERTIFIED CODER... itís awesome, I also will get a raise at work, which is awesome...

But all this and I am still so so... I donít want to say sad, or angry, but I can't think of any other emotions that fit it...

I am lost... It seems like it wonít get any better... though I know it will, it always does... And besides this is what I do, survive, itís what I'm best at..

2007-12-16 16:02:53 ET

are you a medical coder? that's what i'm going to college for right now... just finished my first semester.

2007-12-16 16:26:31 ET

yep.. Its what I do for a living now.. It is an interesting subject really..

2007-12-16 16:34:49 ET

really? i haven't actually taken any classes regarding coding yet. just medical terminology and a science class.

2007-12-16 16:45:41 ET

Terminology is a bitch... and spelling the words correctly sucks... but the sad thing is the doctors hardly spell anything right any way..

2007-12-16 16:47:09 ET

yeah, terminology was a bitch. i luckily passed with an A but i still have terminology II to go next semester.
i've heard it's really frustrating dealing with the doctors spelling mistakes and handwriting especially.

2007-12-16 18:36:03 ET

yeah.. you get used to it really.. and you realize you can read something, that to others, looks like the doc was having a seizure whilst writing everything..

Yep.. I got an A too in the terminology.. it makes everything easier knowing all that crap..

2007-12-16 21:23:55 ET

I want to give you a hug. Come here; my arms are short.

2007-12-17 03:12:55 ET

more reasons I absoultly love you my rikki!!!

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