The loss of my soul
2002-08-01 20:47:43 ET

My tortured heart
Like a rainy day
I wish my sprit could run and play
My mind feels numb
Dont know what to do
My life is lost; it may have lots a screw
Should I give up?
Or should I preserver
Your not even listening, you can't even hear
I feel so empty
Hallow inside
I canít believe I even tried

2002-08-01 21:22:22 ET

I want to give up
but I don't know how
my mind plays games
and I never seem to win

(my crapy attempt to add to that)

2002-08-02 00:33:55 ET

I am alone
I am afraid
Just so sad too many days
Can I forgive
Can I forget
A broken heart is what I get

2002-08-02 08:58:03 ET

cool guys...
Tinna: good really its funn to add
Julie: i really like that

2002-08-02 09:03:33 ET

I used to write poetry all the time...unfun days were more fluent with it

2002-08-02 09:07:30 ET

yeah.. i know.. I love poetry.. i write and write... lots of thoughts go in my leather bound journal.. poems and thoughts mainly.. its kinda fun.. .that poem i wrote on January 10 of this year

2002-08-02 17:43:10 ET

Here is where some of mine are

2002-08-02 19:08:03 ET

coolies.. i will check them out!! :)

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