2008-07-20 07:24:53 ET

It rained for several hours last night. And I donít mean the typical Arizona dribble it fucking poured.
It was amazing and a much needed change of pace for the humid heat of 104 we've been having. I wish it would rain more, it is something the desert needs, hell itís something I need.

I have been so busy with life and my own damn head lately that I havenít even gone to see any friends. That and my car is not as dependable as I would like it to be. I miss my friends, not one of them lives here in Tucson. Rikki only lives an hour away, but I do not get to see her often. :(
Sara and my goddaughter live in fucking Surprise AZ and that almost three hours away.

Work is stress filled and crazy, but I love it. Vicky (a woman i work with) says I am too young for this type of job stress, maybe shes right but its still what I have to do to survive. :)
I can't help but love my job, we do amazing things for people who can't afford medical care. I may not have direct contact with patients (which i like) but its still the best job I have ever had. you can see the place I work for on the web site El Rio Community Health Center

2008-07-20 19:54:22 ET

Shiiiiiiiiit it's been POURING off and on here for over a month. It's been crazy.

2008-07-21 04:47:28 ET

yeah.. I miss rainy weather... its always so dry here.. but since its rainy season its humid and fucking hot too.

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