2002-08-04 15:42:05 ET

I am glad that we are moving and soon... Hum.. Yes.. i need to get out with my friends... I have not been out in like a week mostly by my choice... its weird but i need out now.. I want to hang with rikki and kelly and soon.. Yes soon... YAY.. i am so scared about going to college though.. i will do ok but i am still scared.. i wont know any one and yeah... its new and kinda scarry..

2002-08-04 19:56:09 ET

I'm moving out, hun! Come see meeeeeeee!

2002-08-04 21:09:24 ET

I know your moving out.. but when.. and yes.. I am going to see you.. but you would have to meet me somewhere once you move in to monicas.. cause yeah.. i am not sure that we will well get along..

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