2002-08-05 11:51:05 ET

Well yay.. i am so bored.. I want to go out but i have to clean my room and do laundry.. i get to go bowling on Wednes day though.. yay.. I am excited.. right.. YAY.. hum.. bored now... I want to go for a hike but damn the rain.. when you want rain its not here but when you dont it is.. gah..

2002-08-05 19:45:50 ET

How exciting lol!!! Sounds like my life. Hey I am not on the people I love list CRRRYYY!!!!! Its cool though lol. You are so cute crys!!!! You make me want to become a lesbian lol.

2002-08-05 20:12:04 ET

hehe.. Thank you.. you are going one the list now.. :)
but you are so cute...

2002-08-06 11:13:21 ET

awww enough i blush. So hows it going sorry i didn't get to talk to you that long!!!!!! But you are coming to school here dammit!

2002-08-06 14:37:45 ET

Ok.. i will YAY.. and we must MUST hang out lots

2002-08-06 16:28:57 ET

ok cool we'll hang out while we plan the wedding lol

2002-08-07 07:27:16 ET

ok.. YAY... we are gettin married.. lol

2002-08-07 20:13:39 ET

hmmmmm I have never been married before I wonder what MOM will think when she finds out its to a girl lol jk

2002-08-07 20:16:41 ET

hehe.... yeah.. well my mom thought i was a LESBIAN till i brought home a boyfriend... well that was a while ago... but you know.. hehe.. lol.. i have never been married before ither.. hum..

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