It was just something...
2002-08-05 21:06:11 ET

I wrote this the day i got my Tragus peirced.. I dont know exactly what its about but i do however like it.. so i decide to share it with you guys...

Life is an endless train
But all I feel is pain
I want to run and hide
But my soul must have died
My seething heart just cannot stop
It hurts so bad, it may just pop
My mind wanders never to stay
In the end they all must pay
Fortune favorites in the end
All the money I could not lend
Tearing away at my forgotten soul
My life as I know it has hit a steal pole
Running away, never looking back
The pavement shakes, it starts to crack
I cannot get a way from the life I have left
It comes back with a vengeance, its just bereft
Tearing at the walls of my mind
I am wanting nothing but to be kind
Pain and suffering I bring to them all
Now I am just waiting for the call

By Crystal Caulfield
June 12,2002

2002-08-05 21:10:40 ET

its good awesome super duper great swellness!! i'm in a good mood

2002-08-06 00:12:05 ET

its good

2002-08-06 06:16:17 ET

Well thankyou guys

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