2002-08-10 17:17:42 ET

Well did not find a car yet.. I am going again on monday.. YAY.. my dad wants me to get this escort its really dum... cause its another wagon... gah..
Hum.. saw xXx today.. good flick.. plus hottness in it.. ok bye bye

2002-08-10 18:03:10 ET

"Now things that PISS ME OFF!
fake people, baldness, petifiles, child molesters, large heads, small heads, stupid preps, not touching cant get mad, people with greecy hair! "

for someone who's not very attractive
and can't spell

you sure are critical over how people look

2002-08-10 18:22:08 ET

ouch...geesh for a 15 year old you sure know how not to take a joke....and being a prick about how someone else looks..who the fuck cares...I thinks shes beautiful anyway, and so do so many others..but then again, what the hell would i know...I suppose i am fat, and my spelling is horrible...oh and I have a large head

2002-08-10 18:24:07 ET

a joke?

how is being pissed off by bald people, the size of people's heads, and greasy hair, a joke?

i missed the punchline here

2002-08-10 18:58:14 ET

Well it has nothing to do with you... and for your information, not that you really need to know.. I was speaking about people I know that are bitches to me... I dont have to put up with 15 year old melodramatic bullshit..... And picking on my spelling real mature... You would not know attractive if it hit you in the face...
And maybe I am not attractive but itís not to you to decide...


2002-08-10 19:01:06 ET

and if you dont understand sarcasim then you wont get along in this world... just for your information

2002-08-10 19:08:00 ET

riiiight... i understand sarcasm just fine... "you would not know attractive if it hit you in the face" actually, i know attractive when i see it, just because i'm not attractive doesn't mean i don't know it when i see it... and my age? what in bloody hell does that have to do with anything? at least i'm not sitting over here, talking about bald people pissing me off... ME melodramatic? come on, take a look at yourself

2002-08-10 19:09:42 ET

"just for your information"

speaking of MATURE... yea, THAT's a real mature phrase... pshaw

2002-08-10 19:11:19 ET

haha....Donna....you ARE attractive.....Crys..you are...umm.......damn i gotta go to bed...

2002-08-10 19:15:11 ET

Well thatís nice.... You did not need to know. And well I decided to tell you because you seemed to want to pry in my life.
I do happen to see what other people see when they look at me, just as i am sure you see what people see when they look at you.. and yes Donna i guess thats your name you are attractive, but you know what, age has everthing to do with it...

2002-08-10 19:15:58 ET

HAHA... tasha, babe, you're gonna have to come back tomorrow and say something.. going to bed.. gawd lol

and .. tash, hun, if you wanna think i'm attractive, you go right on ahead, you know i disagree, i'm not gonna argue anymore lol

2002-08-10 19:18:52 ET

Well, I guess you really canít judge a book by its cover can you,
You think you know me by just reading my profile. But you know really nothing about me besides the fact that I am sarcastic

2002-08-10 19:30:31 ET

yea... i'm donna...

and i'm sorry i jumped to conclusions the way i did. but i mean .. you really can't expect people to KNOW you were being sarcastic. there ARE a lot of assholes on sub who would've said what you did, and meant it.

stilllllll don't see what age has to do with it.

"and yes Donna i guess thats your name you are attractive"
i'm just gonna smile and say thank you, 'cause i still disagree...

", just as i am sure you see what people see when they look at you.. "
no. i see myself different than other people do.
if i saw myself the way other's do, i'd be either dead or have way more self esteem. (depending on which other people's view i saw myself through.)

2002-08-10 19:31:29 ET

now why exactly is it that someone would come here and judge crys like that. u don't know her... u don't understand her.. and i thought that this was a place for people to make friends.... not sit and say mean things to make themselves feel better. obviously there is something wrong here. if u don't like what someone says on their page... keep it to yourself. u don't have to talk to them so why bother? unless u really thrive on drama and just want to start some trouble. which is fine... just take it somewhere else. it is rather immature to do that.. cuz' the bigger person would have kept it to themselves. i've met a few people on here i didn't like... but i wasn't mean about it.. i don't understand why anyone should be *shrugs*

2002-08-10 19:40:52 ET

Ido know what it is like to be 15 i was not that long ago... i am sorry i dumped on your age.. i have a 15 year old little sister as well though...
sfc is right there are alot of jerks on sk, you both are.. so i wrote a disclaimer so people wont feel like i am being a bitch

2002-08-10 19:51:12 ET

yea, u probably should have kept it to myself, but i'm really not here to start trouble.. i just stand up for what i believe in every now-and-then, and your bio really torqued me at that moment.

and i did NOT say it to make myself feel better... i do not know where in bloody hell THAT came from...

2002-08-11 04:00:25 ET

ok....i was joking.....i'm dumb.....and i'm a silly goose......can we all just be friends now??????

2002-08-11 04:51:46 ET

I would like to consider myself an artist, and you can check my page of art pieces for that, but artists can find beauty in more things than society places beauty...What is beauty? if beauty is something that society defines, then isnt that wrong? Beauty is in everything, beauty is not how thin someone is, or how thick someones head of hair is, and definately not how society sees beauty as another model on tv...beauty in my book, because i love to draw people is in the subjects that i choose to draw, from young kids in wheelchairs, to drawing an old man nude...(these are the things of course that derive from art classes in college) I see the beauty all around me...I would not expect to find someone who can judge another persons looks to be able to understand this...and wouldnt it had been more mature to kindly ask about her reasoning behind her dislikes for ex. baldness....I am sure that she would have been very prompt in explaining...and yes...the phrase "for someone who's not very attractive
and can't spell...you sure are critical over how people look" is the most mature thing I have heard all day

2002-08-11 06:20:46 ET

no one said anything about beauty...

there is a HUGE difference between BEAUTY and ATTRACTIVENESS...

BEAUTY is on the inside... they are unrelated... yea ok thanks

and like i pointed out earlier, "for your information" sounds so 7th grade it's not even funny.

jeepjulie, everyone else has gotten over this, why can't you let it go? good grief. like you've never made a mistake.

2002-08-11 06:22:09 ET

"yea, u probably should have kept it to myself"

should say

"yea, i probably should have kept it to myself"

btw ... tasha ... i love you, lmao, you and that lion too, heh

2002-08-11 10:51:05 ET

Every single day I am more reinforced by knowing that I will be teaching secondary art education....thank god

2002-08-11 11:00:21 ET

Well Julie... I love your art. You are the most beautiful person I have met. You see so much in everything... kind of like me, but I canít draw much, so I write it down. Poetry is the out let of the beauty I see and what others dont....
SR: yes I know for your information sounded immature but I was irked, you know how that is. I just assume Julie wasnít on when we worked it out. So its ok if she just wanted to finish what she had to say...

Forever one...
I see so much of hatred in this world, which makes me sad, many dont understand the pain one feels because of this. I am sorry. For causing an upheaval

2002-08-11 11:01:16 ET

Art is one of the best things young people should learn.. and God lets it happen YAY

2002-08-11 17:30:32 ET

If y'all were in my town I would take all of you out to supper....to eat Indian food....yummy...then all out afterward to bash shopping carts...!!!! yeah! group hug

2002-08-11 19:35:44 ET

YAY... i wish i lived near you.. then we could have a great time... hugges Julie back

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