Day in a life of an 18 year old homicidal maniac
2002-04-19 17:34:08 ET

Ok... School... i was there... took a midterm for my correspondence class.. I am going to giddy social event tomorrow... YAY>.... i am getting pictures... i am going to look great... yay... any way... i am bored and people are boring... and i have to go rent a movie for the rents.. bah.. need an new radio... bye bye

2002-04-19 17:39:27 ET

Do you have extra ticks? I got screwed. I really wanted to go, but I can't. :-(

2002-10-12 09:32:52 ET

crystal ball head

2002-11-16 11:14:31 ET

i just now read that you Wrote Crystal ball head.. crazy ness

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