2002-08-12 14:07:33 ET

GAH!! home alone and so bored.. hum.. i watched two movies, first 100 girls, the 28 days... both very good flicks.. hum.. I am so bored and my house looks like shit.. full of boxes and shit.. its crazy... every ting is still half done and we move wednesday morning.. gah.. ITs quite insane.. but i will live.. Right.. right now i am still all gittery... like i a comming off of someting.. but i dont do drugs or any thing.. some one is home.. YAY its my mom.. ok i have some one to talk to yay

2002-08-12 15:22:29 ET

poo....I'm still bored

2002-08-12 22:13:48 ET

hehehe 100 girls sounds like a porno flick... *glances around the room* can i come? jp jp.. have fun with your movies!

2002-08-13 09:09:51 ET

hey 100 girls is a funny ass movie! heh....oh geez that was funny

2002-08-13 09:55:24 ET

Yep good good movie

2002-08-13 11:46:58 ET

i have yet to see it... just like everyother movie on the face of the planet

2002-08-13 11:52:14 ET

heh...its got a lot of sex in it....

2002-08-13 11:56:27 ET

HA! i was right it IS a porno flick!! jp

2002-08-13 11:59:43 ET

just because a movie has sex in it...doesn't mean its a porno....its a very funny movie....;) I'm sure if you weren't so scwurmy(sp?) about seeing chicks boobs that you'd enjoy it. :P I like picking on you. I still love ya though

2002-08-13 12:01:18 ET

lol i know its not a porn im just messin around.. simply bored.

2002-08-13 12:03:17 ET

yeah...I know that feeling all too well...and I knew you were messing around I was just picking on you ;)

2002-08-13 12:04:11 ET

okie dokie

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