ITs moving day its moving day ya ya ya
2002-08-15 15:22:49 ET

Well we have already moved in.. YAY.. any way.. our new house is full of boxes... hum.. its crazy i dont even have a bead yet.. i have to go buy one soon.. i am sleeping on a spare matras right now.. but i will live.. YAY..the computer is on the floor and its a pain in the butt... but i will live.. YAY...I MISS MY RIKKI,

2002-08-15 15:36:06 ET

god i miss you guys already! but im coming up there on sunday! woohoo!

2002-08-15 15:38:36 ET

i seriously dread moving...

done it too much.

2002-08-15 15:39:43 ET

luckey! i was born in this awful town and i have the feeling im not going anywhere untill i graduate in 3 fucking years :*(

2002-08-15 15:41:02 ET

i lived in 7 different homes in 5 different cities in cali, 3 places in ny, 1 place in geogia, and now i'm in korea.

2002-08-15 15:43:08 ET

ok yeah i agree thats alot of moving around

2002-08-16 08:09:33 ET

WOW... i have moved alot too... i am not sure as much as you Void but still lots.. hum... i hate moving to.. but i am glad to get out of SV... yeah... i miss you to ashley

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