I dig mohawks!!
2002-08-16 15:41:00 ET

I really do.. they rock my life... hehe.. they are sexy well on most people.. gah.. I want one.. hum.. and i am going to get one soon.. but i have to let my hair grow out a little bit so i can... my mom will have a frigen cow though.. so maybe i will just do a trihawk cause that way i wont have to shave my head.. much.. any way... but you know....

2002-08-16 17:43:32 ET

Ooh mohawks rule, I would like to have one, but am too attached to my hair, and my mom would be kicking my ass for years.

2002-08-16 18:20:22 ET

Yeah... my mom would be too... but i want one...

2002-08-16 20:35:17 ET

don't. ever. do. that. to. your. hair! *says through clenched teeth* it worked on rikki...and it works on only a certain amount of people...but not you. just don't.

2002-08-16 21:12:43 ET

its not like i am going to shave my head....

2002-08-16 21:54:00 ET

yeah but still......well.....its your hair. I'm not gonna stop you...

2002-08-17 10:52:45 ET

good.. cause you couldnt any way.. i mean no one stoped me from cutting it all off

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