2002-08-17 11:05:25 ET

Last night i let my sister sleep on the matress i was sleeping on so i slept on the floor... it wasnt to bad accually...
Well before i went to bed:
I was sitting in the dark, listening to the sounds of the new neighborhood, the bamboo chimes clanked int he distence.. someting to my right is clacking and making an intresting noise...
the slight breeze is so beautiful... it makes me love the new place even more...
i love the night, it is the most wonderful experence of my life... its grand

2002-08-17 14:38:23 ET

Awwww crys I love it when you get poetic!!!!! I am glad you like your new place, but don't get too comfortable because you are moving in another year darn it!!! LoL.

2002-08-17 16:29:23 ET

Ok.. hehe..
I wont get to Comfortable.. i will be so happy to move near you.. it will be so great...

2002-08-18 19:41:23 ET

Glad to see your happy so far :)

2002-08-18 19:53:56 ET

Thank you.. YAY

2002-08-18 19:56:10 ET

so is it nice weather there so far?

2002-08-18 20:00:47 ET

Yeah.. Rain tonight.. its beautiful when you just sit and listen to the sounds of the wind with the sprinkling of the rain.. its so beautiful

2002-08-18 20:24:37 ET

Yeah, I know. It's been raining here a lot lately. Since I have an A/C in my window, I had to open the other to hear the rain perfectly. I just decided to lay on my bed with my head hanging off with all the lights off listening to Joy Division/David Bowie/69 Eyes. Last time I did that, I was listening to Smiths. *sigh* Oh the days...

2002-08-18 20:27:26 ET

yeah.. i am off to lie on my bed and listen to music open my window, if i can move the boxes enough to get to to.. and just relax

2002-08-18 20:29:17 ET

okie dokie... have a wild time!

2002-08-18 20:34:12 ET


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