2002-08-20 18:46:29 ET

I am all unpacked.. my room will look pretty cool when i am done with it.. but yeah.. Hum.. I wish that my friends were here.. I am sad.. I miss them so much and falling out with one of my best friends in the whole world dosent help matters... I want to cry.. I mean she just blew me off.. She moved before i did.. and well she emailed me just saying things like stop sending me this crap, what are you stupid or something, i said stop... And i cried for like an hour.. i replied asking why and i have not gotten an answer yet.. I miss my sv friends... so much... god.. I may cry right now.. I dont start school till next week.. and well its kinda hard to go do stuff when you dont have a car.. i know i was sapposed to get one before i moved but i didnt.. my dad wasnt trying to hard to help me either...
I know my life sees like cake to some people.. but well i am still upset.. because what people dont know i dont write aboutmuch.. i just dont enjoy pitty.. but i am sad.. and that is just a fact.. of every day life as a matter of a fact.. you know when you cant feel happy no matter how hard you try.. its like that with me no matter what.. well yeah.. i am going to go .. bye bye

2002-08-21 14:44:04 ET

crying would do us both some good right now

2002-08-21 19:29:24 ET

Yeah.. i really really want to cry..

2002-08-22 13:08:35 ET

so cry. what's stopping you?

2002-08-22 18:15:24 ET

i dont like to cry around people

2002-08-23 13:28:43 ET

then go in your room

2002-08-23 14:03:47 ET

i do .. usually.. but i hate crying.. GAH

2002-08-25 08:43:22 ET

yeah...well then I don't know what to tell you

2002-08-25 17:34:07 ET


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