2002-08-21 13:10:16 ET

You are made from soybean oil, and are used in a wide range of applications, including asphalt release, mastic removal, and hydrocarbon cleaning. You are biodegradable, and your flash point is >300°F, Pensky-Martens closed cup, and >650°F open cup.
Find out what kind of industrial solvent you are

2002-08-21 13:11:02 ET

If ya cant read it.. highlight it cause its black just like my background...

2002-08-21 19:55:35 ET

Quite Interesting

2002-08-22 06:26:38 ET


2002-08-22 19:34:31 ET

lol... the wierd quizzes everyone makes.

2002-08-23 07:48:56 ET

yeah.. i take them cause i am bored

2002-08-26 06:34:45 ET

Me too. Kindof an addiction at times. Now my spare time is spent finding German versions of songs. I found tons 'o' Kraftwerk and I love them much more, and I found a techno version of the Rubber Ducky song. I want to see Sesame Street in German.

2002-08-26 10:11:29 ET

haha.. that would be great..
I have german tomorrow.. hum..

2002-08-26 10:19:22 ET

I love German :) My fave class and my fave teacher(German1 teacher, German Club leader, went to her for help in German2, German3 teacher... she's such a sweet lady).

2002-08-26 10:20:54 ET

in highschool my teacher was such a nut job..
but i love german.. that is why i am taking it again.. YAY

2002-08-26 10:22:27 ET

My last year teacher was such a wierdo. "Oh, nein!" was the phrase he used all the time... "Oh nein, Erika! Oh nein, Veronika! Oh nein, Herr Wise! Oh nein, Max!"

2002-08-26 10:25:20 ET

haha..... thats funny..
My teacher.. used to talk to walls... well she would talk to her self and when she was talking to the class she would put her head down and go "walls i am talking to walls" so every one can hear her.. she is so nice though.. but crazy

2002-08-26 10:25:56 ET


2002-08-26 10:28:22 ET


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