2002-08-22 08:08:00 ET

Head pain.. ah....

2002-08-23 10:00:35 ET

i'm sorry for your headdddd painnss i hope you feeel better and get un-bored ..

2002-08-23 10:19:01 ET

thanks.. :)
i hope you are ok in Kentucky

2002-08-23 10:20:01 ET

yess its not so bad..
for the first dayy

2002-08-23 10:20:25 ET

When do you start school?

2002-08-23 10:21:30 ET

i think it starts after next week i'm not sure, but i should bee =/

2002-08-23 10:22:15 ET

hum... yeah.. my mom says there are really good schools there

2002-08-23 10:22:38 ET

thatsss coooolll

2002-08-23 10:24:07 ET

Cause then you will get all smart and junk..

2002-08-23 10:25:14 ET

yesss i always dreamed of being smartttt

2002-08-23 10:25:52 ET

hehe.. yah...
smartnes... YAY

2002-08-23 10:27:47 ET

wooo whooo
she has an ice machine and i didn't know what it was but it was pretty freaky til i found out what it wassssss

2002-08-23 10:28:43 ET

hehe.. thats wierd..
w00t w00t.. hehe

2002-08-23 10:33:36 ET

haha yes

2002-08-23 10:36:58 ET


2002-08-23 10:37:33 ET

well i'm gonna go to get some food ..

2002-08-23 11:14:01 ET

good good.. food

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