2002-08-23 11:22:09 ET

How do ya like my new improved page.. wait.. how can something be new and improved, because if its new then there has never been any thing like it before, and improved implys that in just a better verison of an old

2002-08-23 11:29:17 ET

Things are often considered improved once they are lemon scented

2002-08-23 11:53:44 ET

yes.. the power of Lemon

2002-08-23 13:53:11 ET

heh.....I don't like your background on your journal things...

2002-08-23 13:59:54 ET

i do...

2002-08-23 14:43:13 ET

Hrmm... well... its improved upon something that was never there. So its improved and new. Thats the best I could come up with. I really have nothing more than that.

2002-08-23 14:43:49 ET

hehe.. well its alittle more than i could think of... :)

2002-08-23 14:45:26 ET

YAY! Mikes in the lead! But yeah. Alllll gimicks and show words. I mean, if you said "New and improved, lemon scented dildo" then, it would be much more interesting that just saying "dildo"

2002-08-23 14:46:33 ET

but who would buy a lemon sented dildo

2002-08-23 14:46:53 ET


2002-08-23 14:47:28 ET

really.. what would you use a dildo for?

2002-08-23 14:48:02 ET

Staring at, and envying... haha, I dunno.

2002-08-23 14:48:29 ET

You amuse me.. that is a good thing

2002-08-23 14:49:20 ET

Haha. Yay! I like amusing.

2002-08-23 14:51:10 ET

:) well good.. :)

2002-08-23 14:52:21 ET

haha, what are you pondering about?

2002-08-23 14:52:44 ET

not sure yet...
i think hummmm......

2002-08-23 14:58:35 ET

lol, pondering about pondering?

2002-08-23 16:54:08 ET

Yeah thats what it was... ha ha

2002-08-23 17:58:24 ET

haha, yes... and you knew that too, huh? :)

2002-08-23 18:09:04 ET

Yup.. hehe... its great

2002-08-25 09:08:52 ET

*gives strange looks at both of you*

2002-08-25 17:31:31 ET


2002-08-25 17:35:23 ET

*looks back, even stranger!*

2002-08-25 17:35:58 ET

**looks back too**
Cause its a double stare

2002-08-25 17:36:31 ET


2002-08-25 17:38:05 ET


2002-08-26 13:08:33 ET

*looks between you two then gets paranoid and throws pies in your faces*

2002-08-26 13:16:47 ET


2002-08-26 19:00:39 ET

AUGH! Damn you!

2002-08-26 19:39:45 ET

I know!!

2002-08-27 16:12:59 ET

I've already been damned

2002-08-27 18:05:05 ET

nope.. not damned...

2002-08-27 20:13:17 ET

damnit... well, hrmm... yes?

2002-08-28 07:15:16 ET

yes... i dont know.. hum...

2002-08-28 12:50:25 ET


2002-08-28 13:32:10 ET


2002-08-28 19:32:44 ET

lol, this thread is just weird. Unlike my Tool thread, it makes total sense hahaha

2002-08-29 10:36:16 ET

haha.. yeah.. so fun.. YAY

2002-08-29 14:55:37 ET

yayness has overcome me...

2002-08-29 16:56:21 ET

good.. i have a four day weekend.. YAY

2002-08-29 18:39:43 ET

hahah yayness?

FOUR?!? I only get three! Augh!

2002-08-29 18:40:40 ET

yeah.. but i never have school on fridays.. i set it up like that

2002-08-29 18:41:19 ET

Oooh, very cool! Lucky :P Although, I guess thats how college goes.

2002-08-29 18:44:24 ET

yeah.. its great...

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