2002-08-23 18:10:51 ET

so jittery...
Ok.. brenna is comming.. dan too.. YAY.. i have not seen bre in over a week.. i miss her..
any way.. hum.. yes.. bre rocks.. YAAY..
hum.. yes..

2002-08-25 10:54:34 ET

I miss bre...maybe I should call her....I miss you too...ahhh the missingness is making me REALLY lonely

2002-08-25 17:27:40 ET

i am sorry.. i would have came and saw you today.. cause i was in town but i was so bussy

2002-08-26 13:22:41 ET

hey its all good. what were you in town for? I'm gonna try to bug my dad in letting me go up there this weekend...maybe later.

2002-08-26 19:41:08 ET

we were cleaning the old house.. it sucked

2002-08-27 16:14:00 ET

I should come over and see you when you're there...unless you're all done

2002-08-27 18:02:57 ET

yeah... come over on sater day.. yes saterday...

2002-08-28 12:51:29 ET

umm.....yeah. I think I'm going to do that. I was talking to dawn about doing something over the weekend.....yeah

2002-08-28 13:29:46 ET

yeah.. that sounds good.. yes good.

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