2002-08-27 07:04:12 ET

Day two...
I am ready to go .. but its to early.. hum...

2002-08-27 16:17:37 ET

I'm onto day 2 tomorrow. Day one was hectic and I almost exploded during lunch, but all is well until tomorrow(homework, homework, homework!)

2002-08-27 17:56:44 ET

yeah... well hum.. yes.. exploded how??

2002-08-28 15:52:33 ET

Friend=jerk. Myself=shaking.

2002-08-28 16:31:52 ET

ah.. that has to suck

2002-08-28 16:52:50 ET

Yeah, but I've got to get used to those things.
So how're classes doing? Getting any more evil?

2002-08-29 10:34:37 ET

eh.. clases are ok.. boring mostly.. i have homework today.. :( no fun.. but i have a four day weekend

2002-08-29 12:41:23 ET

lucky. I've got tons 'o' homework. 3-day weekend, tho :)

2002-08-29 16:52:34 ET

ah.. well thats good..

2002-08-29 16:57:24 ET

I'm ready to take out the big ugly lawn chair and sit in the park and read.

2002-08-29 18:41:22 ET

yeah.. but reading is good good..

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