2002-04-25 15:34:32 ET

Hey peopels... i am going to another prom... my buddy jessicas.. that could be fun... ayay... rikki jessica and i... we could have hella fun... yaya... i am going to look so damn cool yaya... so..hum de dum.. i dont know.. I need someting... i want kelly to not be grounded... cause she lives out in th boonies and I cant make it with my car... and she got hers taken away... thats the only thing she is grounded from... ok bye bye

2002-04-26 08:12:35 ET

Whozit whatzit huh?
LOL -- we thought she was gonna get her car taken away that time she scraped against that other car in the parking lot at Buena. How rare an accident, eh? Bah...
Will your car just not hold that much gas?
And this other prom... at Jessica's school? Somethingsomethingwithgreekletters isn't it?

2002-04-27 06:16:44 ET

Omega Alpha.

Screw Kelly's parents. They always punish her for silly things.

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