2002-09-01 12:02:26 ET

I havent written in a while.. i have today and tomorrow left of my four day weekend.. so tired.. was painting yesterday.. had pait in my hair.. it was yucky... hum.. any way.. I was too tired to take a shower before I went to bed.. took one thismoring.. no more pait.. except on my nails.. hum.. so so tired.. ok..
Hum.. i need a good good sleep... yes.. any way..
ok.. bye bye

2002-09-01 19:54:40 ET

Crys you are funny. I was too tired to take a shower last night but had to take one this morning cause yick!!!! lol hmmm well yeah I love you!!!!

2002-09-02 16:11:25 ET

haha.. LOVE YOU TOO!!! yeah.. I was so tired.

2002-09-03 06:46:48 ET

Dude I am tired to and I hate school sometimes....grrrrr

2002-09-03 06:48:22 ET

yeahm... school pain.. but at least we will get good paying jobs..

2002-09-05 17:49:41 ET

I know but dammit i am tired ahhhhhhhh

2002-09-06 12:14:33 ET

yeah.. really tired

2002-09-08 20:35:40 ET

tired lol

2002-09-09 06:52:26 ET

yeah.. morning sucks

2002-09-13 11:16:13 ET

Morning really sucks but thats ok cause the night before is usually so good it makes up for it lol ;)

2002-09-13 12:29:33 ET

haha.. yeah..

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