2002-09-02 16:26:47 ET

I did more junk at hte house again today.. it sucked..
but i am glad to help my mom she does so much for me.. I love her so much.. Hum..
Staring at a picture of Jhonen.. ahhh.. **drools**
so tired..
Hum.. i have school tomorrow.. but i will live, its algebra and german.. hum.. i am so tired..
Hey ashley left her vans here.. oops.. well i am gunna borrow them.. MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.. and so on.. hum.. got a cell phone for dawn and I to share, and my mom got one too.. YAY.. any way..

I need to get out more and make friends in this tucson hell hole.. yess htat would be good..

2002-09-02 16:32:48 ET

Making friends is annoying

2002-09-02 16:33:50 ET

hum.. cause yeah..
You should move here and go to my college and yeah.. haha..

2002-09-02 16:36:49 ET

Haha yeah that would be cool, where do you live? My memory fails me

2002-09-02 16:37:26 ET

Tucson Arizona

2002-09-02 16:53:46 ET

I have never been, in two days have to make new friends, disaster!

2002-09-02 16:57:47 ET

ah.. new school?

2002-09-02 17:59:27 ET

Yup, I don't even have a schedule. Wow, you changed your backgrounds again, and avantar

2002-09-02 19:58:55 ET

yeah.. i was bored..

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