ok now heres the jist
2002-09-02 20:12:22 ET

There are 50 shopping days till my birthday, if any one cares.. haha..
I dont knwo i am just tired.. hum.. yest tired.. hum.. i cant even type right..
thats ok though.. i am going to bed very soon.. school tomorrow.. :( but i will live.. at least I did my home work.. YAY..

2002-09-02 20:14:20 ET

Ha ha ha, I thunk ahead and got your gift already. You'll never guess what it is!

2002-09-02 20:16:08 ET

lol, reaper is ready, you caught me off guard though :)

2002-09-02 20:17:55 ET

haha. oh yeah...
I probably wont be able to guess.. TELL ME! please :(

HEHE.. its ok you can get ready...

2002-09-02 20:19:27 ET

I can't tell you....it's a secret!

2002-09-02 20:20:02 ET

ok.. but give me a hint.. is it really good..

2002-09-02 20:22:56 ET

Okay, you really want a hint?

It starts with an "n", ends in a "g", in the middle is the first three letters of "other", and after that the opposite of "out"

2002-09-02 20:24:24 ET

:( nothing.. :(
so unloved..

2002-09-02 20:37:15 ET

I go to all the trouble to buy you nothing and you are disappointed! Last time I buy you anything :P

2002-09-02 20:47:58 ET

lol, so confused by that whole thing.

2002-09-03 02:26:21 ET

me too, me too

2002-09-03 06:35:00 ET

I want presents.. well not really.. its not like you guys live here.. but yeah..

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