cough cough choke choke
2002-09-03 17:24:23 ET

man i need to quite smoking.. and i am going to.. YES!! buy my birthday.. which is in like 49 or 48 days.. hum.. YAH... cause i want my lung span back dammit.. besides.. who likes to kiss a smoker.. besides my last boyfriend... i do miss john.. he was a sweet heart, bad kisser but so sweet...

2002-09-03 17:25:49 ET


2002-09-03 17:27:14 ET

I miss john too!

2002-09-03 17:27:15 ET

I know.. its so hard

2002-09-03 17:29:27 ET

You can do it! Girls can do anything :)

2002-09-03 17:32:00 ET

I'll make you forget all about john ;) lmao

Smoking is expensive and groddy. You are making a wise choice!

2002-09-03 17:39:36 ET

beware of the word "groddy" also.

2002-09-03 17:40:17 ET

how about "grodey" that is a bit more phoeneticly spelled

2002-09-03 17:40:46 ET

Smoking is wicked expensive. I personally don't like kissing a girl who smokes, either.

2002-09-03 17:48:16 ET

Well, I avoid the word because it means... spermy.

2002-09-03 17:49:53 ET

Oh, well, I suppose that I am not up on the current jargon. Where I come from it means "gross" Amazing how things change

2002-09-03 17:50:37 ET

I know...
haha.. forget john.. then laughing your ass off.. hum..

2002-09-03 17:52:20 ET

Well, something covered in sperm is gross, so I guess that could work LOL

2002-09-03 17:52:54 ET

haha.. tahts funny

2002-09-03 17:53:16 ET

Thats why i am quiting... Cause.. i want to kiss the boys

2002-09-03 17:57:40 ET

what about the men?

2002-09-03 17:59:49 ET

oh yeah.. them are even better

2002-09-03 18:02:52 ET


I myself prefer a guy, a special guy. I miss him *sigh*

2002-09-03 18:03:44 ET

ah.. who is that.. ??/ some one great.. i hope

2002-09-03 18:04:18 ET

I prefer a guy wait, I don't.

I do enjoy a womans company, I must admit

2002-09-03 18:05:14 ET

yes.. i like womans too.. wait.. but i like mens.. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

2002-09-03 18:09:47 ET

He is great, wonderful even, but gone for months and prolly won't have enough money to visit me during my bro's wedding.

I feel sorry for all those homophobic people that aren't able to see beauty in everyone.

2002-09-03 18:10:53 ET

yeah.. me too...

2002-09-03 18:16:59 ET

lol, why is it that someone that doesn't find the opposite sex attractive a homophobe?

2002-09-03 18:19:25 ET

I'm lateee... and lost.. And yes beauty is in everyone

2002-09-03 18:19:54 ET

-- How long have you been smoking for?

2002-09-03 18:20:00 ET

i dont know.. you can see beauty is other males, not necessarily attractive persay.. but beauty nonetheless

2002-09-03 18:22:11 ET

lol, I struggle to find beauty in males.....I should look harder

2002-09-03 18:23:02 ET

smoking for hum.. 10 years.. since i was 8 :( it is crap..

2002-09-03 18:23:08 ET

Beauty is both inside and outside, well that's how I feel it. Not like pretty or handsome but more, yeah I'm babbling

2002-09-03 18:23:49 ET

well I think your Gorgeous

2002-09-03 18:28:52 ET

I know what you mean, vomit*heart. I am searching the inside rather than the superficial

2002-09-03 18:30:50 ET

smoking is bad cryssey.... thats how i got my hernia thing. keep that in mind. smoking and caffeine. baaad stuff but i love you even if you do smoke.

2002-09-03 18:32:39 ET

you should see a picture of me right now, lol! your looks remind me a bit of my friend katy, but you don't know her so you don't care, but you are exquisite

2002-09-03 18:33:05 ET

ack! Caffeine=bad? I am a popaholic, I hope I don't get a hernia from it! I was born with one....and from what I can remember from my surgery (that took place 5 years after my birth, mind you) It wasn't pleasant.

2002-09-03 18:37:18 ET

who looks like katy?
i love soda...
i need to quit
steven is beautiful inside and out...
vomit heart lovely and beautiful on the inside
pixey i love you...

2002-09-03 18:38:25 ET

ah i cant remember the medical name for it... but its a herina but its like at the very top of my stomach and so it would be very hard for them to fix me :( so im stuck with lots of drugs to see if i fix my slef... if not... i get to go somewhere else for sergery (i guess they dont have the technology here)

2002-09-03 18:39:11 ET


2002-09-03 18:40:46 ET

You look like katy, crys

2002-09-03 18:44:23 ET


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