2002-09-03 18:22:06 ET


2002-09-03 18:32:11 ET

NO NEVER! *hands crys a hand full of mentos*

2002-09-03 18:33:52 ET

Mentos, fresh and full of life... Who is Freash Maker?

2002-09-03 18:35:30 ET

its a line from JTHM

2002-09-03 18:42:43 ET

Oh, I see.. what is that, I never know what acronyms mean

2002-09-03 18:45:06 ET

i dont know.. its this charater happy noodle boy.. and he rambles on about noting..

2002-09-03 19:20:04 ET

lol, I don't even know what to say.

2002-09-03 19:59:26 ET

i know.. haha..

2002-09-05 12:55:41 ET

Okie dokie... ya NUT!

2002-09-05 16:09:42 ET

haha.. yeah..

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