2002-04-27 19:16:39 ET

Ok.. yes my head fucking hurts.. but hey i will live... unless its a tumor... and i die... that would suck... heheh.. love the humor of it all... hum... i need to lose my pot "virginity" kelly says so.. so hum... i will just need someone to do it with... dont know.... hum.. ok bye byes and stoned butterflies

2002-04-27 19:20:06 ET

yeah um, sure chick your crazy

2002-04-28 23:30:36 ET

Don't do it just because your peers say they do! You need to find a loving partner for a meaningful first experience. :-) And use protection.

2002-05-01 19:41:57 ET

And don't do it in the first place anyway. Shouldn't risk addiction... I shouldn't have. Lucky it went nowhere.

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