2002-09-06 12:22:53 ET

everyone is sv is going on with there lives with out me.. i knew it would happen.. but it sort of sucks i cant be there to witness all the fun.. so far i have no friends here.. i feel like a loser...
but hey.. i like loserness... but friends would be nice.. weekends at home just suck... I miss Sv friends but not sv... that is the only bad thing about going down there.. is seening the town in which i hate. The town that took so much from me.. I hate it...

2002-09-06 12:43:05 ET

I have one too many good memories here to hate it

2002-09-06 12:59:52 ET

I'm lost, sv?

2002-09-06 13:45:22 ET

Sierra Vista...

2002-09-06 13:45:30 ET

I have some good.. but i still hate it

2002-09-06 14:24:52 ET

I love Fort Wayne....come on up here!

2002-09-06 15:40:35 ET

Where is that???

2002-09-06 17:39:14 ET


2002-09-06 18:10:12 ET

I am so there...

2002-09-06 18:11:51 ET

whoo hoo!

2002-09-06 18:12:40 ET

oh yeah.. Party time...

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