2002-09-06 15:57:53 ET

I HATE THIS.... I help everyone eles.. or at least i try.. but most of the time no one is there for me...
I HATE THIS... i help with out a second thought... i am always there.. or i will try to be...
I HATE THIS.. i am tired of caring.. but i do... my family is the best thing for me.. but it seems to be missing...
I HATE THIS. People suck..
good bye for now..
sorry for the ranting..

2002-09-06 16:04:26 ET

Crys, in the short time we've known each other... you've got a place in my heart. You ROCK! *bug hugs*

2002-09-06 16:13:40 ET

thank you so much... YOU ROCK TOO!!!

2002-09-06 16:14:14 ET

i know how you feel...

2002-09-06 16:14:24 ET

thank you...

2002-09-06 16:15:47 ET


2002-09-06 16:35:46 ET


2002-09-06 16:38:29 ET

*air guitar, complete with jumping*

2002-09-06 18:08:41 ET

oh yeah. baby
**Plays the table drums***** while head banging**

2002-09-07 07:23:22 ET

>Crys is my sis. And i love her muches< *dances arround singing*

2002-09-07 07:35:34 ET


2002-09-07 12:51:49 ET

i love you crys if you ever need ANYTHING you can come to me...

2002-09-07 20:09:29 ET

i know ash.. you rule...

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