2002-09-07 07:37:02 ET

I have to go paint more today.. AHHHHH.. it sucks.. i am tired.. my back hurts.. but yeah i will live.. i have homework.. i must get it done.. yes must... :( but i will get it done tonight.. i have to wirte two writting annalysis... an essy and i have math homework.. :( it sucks.. butohwell...

2002-09-07 19:32:33 ET

Wait what are you painting? Bleh essays suck, do you just have one day to work on it?

2002-09-07 20:10:21 ET

yeah.. now i do.. i would have had all weekend.. but i had to paint my old house..

2002-09-08 09:13:54 ET

Paint a house, all by yourself?

2002-09-08 09:41:45 ET

StarTrash <3 painting :)

2002-09-08 11:44:42 ET

well my mom helped.. she did the trim.. it was good.. but i am tired..

2002-09-08 18:10:14 ET

Sleepy, also. Sneezy as well! Cleaned and cleaned and did homework and ate and cleand. That was the extent of my day. *sneeze*

2002-09-08 18:36:49 ET


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