2002-09-08 12:11:37 ET

so tired.. going to see blue crush in like an hour.. hope its good.. yes hope its good.. YAY

2002-09-08 12:13:42 ET

Ack! Chick flick....have fun!

2002-09-08 12:14:48 ET

haha.. no no... not chick flick.. Surfer movie.. surfing is good..

2002-09-08 17:56:38 ET

Surfing chick flick

2002-09-08 18:38:18 ET


2002-09-08 18:46:25 ET


2002-09-08 18:47:58 ET

but a good surfer chick flick..
i wanna go to Hawaii..

2002-09-08 18:52:15 ET

Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind

2002-09-08 18:52:44 ET

haha.. i love Lilo and stich.. it was great

2002-09-08 18:53:56 ET

lol, It was more on the sad side and less on the humor side. I was expecting "slap your knee" hilarity. It had it's momments :-)

2002-09-08 18:55:04 ET

yeah.. but it was so cute.. and i want a stich...

2002-09-08 18:56:39 ET

lol, stich and an extra house you can go to after he's destroyed your house and you've successfully bonded with him :)

2002-09-08 18:57:31 ET

true.. haha.. yeah..

2002-09-08 18:58:37 ET

lol, and you can forget about eating ice cream around him! (my favorite running gag of the movie)

2002-09-08 18:59:42 ET

oh yeah... Its quite amusing really.. but ilove icecream.. but only sometimes.. hum..

2002-09-08 19:02:53 ET

I like banana splits, those are my favorite

2002-09-08 19:04:17 ET

yeah.. those are good..

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