2002-09-08 12:57:37 ET

They should make peach coke.. it would be good...

2002-09-08 14:27:25 ET

that would be good.... maybe... sprite or something really summery would be better though... thats what i think anyway. i spent the day with daja yay! we cleaned your house but its still a day with dawn. that snow spray stuff on yours and brennas window was a bitch and a half to get off.

2002-09-08 17:27:36 ET

your thoughts frighten me crys

2002-09-08 18:13:29 ET

Mmmmm... that sounds yummy

2002-09-08 18:39:59 ET

why frighten?
it does sound yummy huh

2002-09-08 18:43:34 ET

haha, I dunno, it just does. Vanilla wasn't a fav of mine, I'm afraid of peach

2002-09-08 18:44:10 ET

haha.. yeah.. i am kinda weird like that i gues.. hum..

2002-09-08 20:54:12 ET

Crys you never cease to amaze me with that mind of yours....hey have we set a date yet I forgot lol ;)

2002-09-09 06:48:19 ET

yeah.. a date.. cause we need to know when and who to invite

2002-09-13 11:19:41 ET

lol hell yeah we'll have the kickinest shindig this side of the Mississippi....or that side depending where we have it

2002-09-13 12:33:53 ET

true.. haha.. yeah.. but we will have it hum.. in St. Luis.

2002-09-13 21:55:55 ET

ok cool with me we should have it at some cool place there

2002-09-14 07:18:43 ET

yeah.. :)

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