2002-09-09 12:52:24 ET

It does suck to be a girl.. i hate hate hate.. it..

That is all

2002-09-09 13:36:03 ET

haha, is it that time?

2002-09-09 13:36:59 ET

what do you think..
damn the lag lag lag...
computer is a booty head

2002-09-09 13:49:09 ET

hah, yeah. but computer is good. godlike. yay for computers.

2002-09-09 13:51:32 ET

yes.. but i am so tired..

2002-09-09 14:02:26 ET

haha, yeah, tiredness sucks

2002-09-09 14:09:10 ET

so.. what are you up to ..

2002-09-09 16:43:35 ET

Word! I think certain things should just go away forever and never come back... like people can.

2002-09-09 17:23:26 ET

yeah.. that would be great..

2002-09-09 17:50:56 ET

Heh, I am up to nothing. I'm playing meh new game. Yay!

2002-09-09 19:06:43 ET


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