2002-09-09 13:52:41 ET

I love my life sometimes.. to day was ok.. i did not go to my first class.. because yeah..
then in philosophy it was great.. we had accual conversations in there.. and debates.. yes.. it was grand.. :)

2002-09-09 13:56:21 ET

i wish my school had a philosophy class...

2002-09-09 13:58:29 ET

hum.. they should.. philosophy is great..

2002-09-09 14:03:10 ET

at least one of us is having a good day

2002-09-09 14:03:52 ET


2002-09-09 14:19:08 ET

my fave class was sociology
classes like that are indeed the bestest

2002-09-09 17:24:42 ET

yep.. love those

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