2002-09-10 13:36:21 ET

Its raining its pooring come on there has gotta be some old men snoring

2002-09-10 13:47:58 ET

Nope, just me :)

2002-09-10 14:25:56 ET

it was raining here earlier but now its nice and sunney DAMNIT :(

2002-09-10 14:41:25 ET

dammit.. yeah.. sort of sunny here

2002-09-10 15:10:36 ET

Ahaha, old man snoring. How does the rest of that go?

2002-09-10 17:12:15 ET

ooooohhhhh!! old men my favorite!!

2002-09-10 20:32:06 ET

hahah.. yeah..
i dont know.. hum..

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