Life as i know it
2002-04-29 20:20:35 ET

Bah to drama... teens create so much drama its not even funny... hum... People are involved in there only little bubble and they cant even comprehend what is really going on in this world of ours... I wish i could go around with a needle and pop their bubbles but that would not work because damn the bubbles are only spiritual ones.. though i wish it was not so fake... people dont understand that you dont have to fit in to a "click" you dont have to be preppy, goth, skater, freak, punk, exc... you can be you and it really does not matter if you dont fit in to a social group... you can really be different like everybody else... and not be diffrent "like" everbody else... dose any one understand what i am saying?

2002-04-29 22:51:32 ET

I think we can al at least partially relate.

2002-05-01 19:40:51 ET

I just wanna live, preferably live well.

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