2002-09-11 15:04:39 ET

You know what. i like Avril Lavigne... i know people diss her all the time.. but i still like her.. maybe because she accomplished what i want to do.. i want to be a singer and have a band.. so bad.. maybe because she is being herself no matter what.. i dont know.. but i really like her.. plus i think she is beautiful...

2002-09-11 15:17:43 ET

i dont like her, but what i dont get is why people think shes trying to be punk. her music isnt punk at all. and her look is more like, skater. i mean, the people who dont know anything about music think shes punk, but who cares about those people anyway, haha

2002-09-11 15:19:19 ET

thats my point.. you are very perceptive.. and great.. just thought you should know..

2002-09-11 15:20:05 ET

w00t! :) thanks

2002-09-11 15:21:37 ET

That girl has actually self-proclaimed herself as being a 'punk'. I think that if females start bands they should do it with other females and not restrict the rest of their bandmates to being all males and they should not lie about their abilities. Her music is more like country pop, which I think she has even described it as.

2002-09-11 15:22:41 ET

your right country pop... but i still like her

2002-09-11 15:24:33 ET

Hey! Everyone has their own preferences! Woo hoo!

2002-09-11 15:25:35 ET

oh yeah.. w00t.. haha.. its weird i like that i am usually in to REAL punk or just plain old alternative, or metal...

2002-09-11 15:26:29 ET

well i actually think its cool that youd admit to liking her, haha, cause u know how un-PuNk RaWk it is to like anything thats been on MTV

2002-09-11 15:32:19 ET

That Avril girl IS PuNk RaWk...[[shudders]]

She performed on Nickelodeon and after she was done she knocked over her microphone and walked off of the stage. Oh yeah! Nickelodeon angst! RAWK! [[vomits]]

2002-09-11 15:32:46 ET


2002-09-11 16:25:55 ET

LMAO bandiera

Avril is pretty, the music is okay, but her attitude is... bad. Way bad. "Yay I dress punk and I be cool! I'm all acoustic-punk now!"

2002-09-11 16:27:41 ET

(sorry to be a dis person)

2002-09-11 16:33:55 ET

tis ok.. i just am open

2002-09-11 16:41:01 ET

Yup. But I guess you'd hate my Korean rap music, so yeah.

2002-09-11 17:19:58 ET

probably.. not.. really.. i bet its kinda good.. i am intrested in all music..

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