2002-09-11 17:46:12 ET


You are hoboremixour, an extremely talented and misunderstood artist. In your free time you like to make fun of emo skumm by manipulating their obnoxious multi cam pics, and exploit them for who they really are.

What subkultures member are you?

2002-09-11 18:06:26 ET


Your magical style is Druidic.

What type of Magic do you work?. Take the Magical Style Quiz by Paradox

2002-09-11 18:10:39 ET


You are a muse.

What legend are you?. Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox

2002-09-11 18:20:56 ET

You are moxie. You built this god forsaken software to be the most efficient piece of software ever written. If only you all could see the sourcecode, it's beautiful. He likes to take pictures of construction, play with his adorable kitty, and listens to way too much alt.90's.

What subkultures member are you?

I think it changes everytime...

2002-09-11 19:41:26 ET

haha.. yeah..

2002-09-12 11:52:39 ET

have you ever eaten @ bahama breezes or whatever?

2002-09-12 12:08:14 ET


You are Heathen Heather. Although you are emo scum who has a fondness for bands that sucked so hard that even the 'indie rock' label didn't want them included in their genre, you have a good sense of humor and a beautiful smile.

What subkultures member are you?

2002-09-12 13:35:56 ET


A cock riding fag with ill intentions towards all, you like to mount, mate and leave various good smelling people. In your free time you build websites that no one understands, chew on your fingernails, and listen to music that no one else likes.

What subkultures member are you?

2002-09-12 16:03:07 ET

you guys got cool people

2002-09-12 16:18:23 ET


2002-09-12 17:08:33 ET

yeah.. haha..

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