2002-09-13 16:53:36 ET

My mission is to lose 75 lbs before June.. dont know how yet, any ideas...

2002-09-13 16:56:07 ET

1. herbal diet pills - they make you not want to eat, and want to get up and do all kinds of shit.

2. lots of walking - exersize is pro.

3. No more junk food y0... thats right, junk food = gross.. because... as good as it tastes, it packs on the pounds like nobodies business... fruits and veggies and good stuff such as that will suffice until you're to your ideal weight.

2002-09-13 16:58:01 ET

thank you muchies.. i know about junk food. its so hard.. cause its yummy

2002-09-13 17:05:44 ET

its all about the atkins low cal diet... its kinda hard to stick to but you loose the weight super fast and from what ive experenced not a health issue at all. oh yeah you cant forget the exersize. thats the most important part.

2002-09-13 17:06:23 ET

the anti carb diet thing.. yeah..

2002-09-13 17:47:34 ET

Holy shite! that's a lot of weight, I'm surprised you have set that much for your goal

2002-09-13 17:58:09 ET

anti-carb = not good.
Eat healthier, do more excersize(I do a simple 100+ crunches a night that take me not even 2 minutes and I metabolize things lots quicker)

2002-09-13 20:11:09 ET

PRST:... yeah.. my mom says atkins diet...
VH: i weigh a lot... and thats a healthy amout of weight to loose in that amout of time.. cause i was loosing great deals of weight for a while like 28 to 30 pounds a month.. and i gained it al back plus some..

2002-09-14 09:31:22 ET

WHY CRYS!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!?????????

2002-09-14 16:10:28 ET

because i want to be happy with me..

2002-09-14 17:35:20 ET

"45% of underweight women think they are too fat." - The Beauty Myth

"there is very little evidence to support the claim that fatness causes poor health among women... The results of recent studies have suggest that women may in fact live longer an be generally heathier if they refrain from dieting." -Radiance

"women feel guilty about female fat, becase we implicity recognise that under the myth, women's bodies are not out own but society's and that thinnes is not a private aesthetic, but hunger a social concession extacted by tecommunity. A cultural fixaton on female thinness is not an obsession about the female body, but female obedience." - The Beauty Myth

But, the decision is yours to loose the weight, and I do wish you happyness.

2002-09-14 17:50:00 ET

VH: you are the nicest person in the world i hope you know that.. your right i am not only doing it for my self.. but i want to lose some weight.. maybe not that much.. but i do weigh a lot.. i think its almost 270 now.. i dont know.. but thank you so much..

2002-09-14 18:09:24 ET

Well, it's not a problem. Just doin my best to look out for a friend.

2002-09-14 18:11:31 ET

cool.. thank you.. how old are you now..
you are hella smart just so you know

2002-09-14 18:13:32 ET

I'm 15 at this moment in time. Sometimes, through my idiocy a nugget of knowledge appears, so it's all good.

2002-09-14 18:15:06 ET

haha.. yeah.. you are great.. :)

2002-09-14 18:22:09 ET


2002-09-14 18:24:51 ET


2002-09-15 14:09:13 ET

Just try not to set unreasonable goals for yourself. The last thing you want is to feel bad when you don't reach it. I walked everywhere, and tried to do a little bit every day and lost about 25 pounds. Don't cut out junk food completely, and water is good for you.
And above all, you're pretty cool just the way you are, so be happy with yourself :)

2002-09-15 14:29:08 ET

yeah.. but junk foood makes me sick most of the time.. i think.. its the greese

2002-09-15 14:38:13 ET

Yeah, my sister gets sick from greasy foods aswell

2002-09-15 14:42:38 ET

You're lucky. Greasy food was my downfall for some time.

2002-09-15 14:59:43 ET

hey i know im kinda late and all but crys you are great just the way you are! ive been walkin alot. maybe you should like take ozzy or lady for a half an hour walk everyday before doing your homework or something. and then gradually move up to 45 minutes to an hour. and keep in mind that 75 pounds usually takes about a year to loose safely with out diet pills and what not. just be happy with yourslef please you not anyone else! I LOVE YOU!

2002-09-15 17:00:12 ET

I love you to Ashely.. i want to loose weight.. maybe not that much but some and more eventually..

2002-10-01 13:53:31 ET

Well just know that no matter what you are beautiful to me and if it makes you happy then i am happy for you just don't do anything unhealthy or feel like you have to do it for everyone elses standards and not your own

2002-10-01 14:19:17 ET

thank you venus.. i love you so much.. you rule my world..

2002-10-01 17:39:18 ET

Dude thats awesome!!!!! Hehehehehe!!!!

2002-10-01 18:00:32 ET

:) so beautiful..

2002-10-01 18:34:23 ET

awwwwwwww i know you are

2002-10-01 19:10:03 ET

no.. you are so beautiful..

2002-10-02 10:45:29 ET

OMG enough you are making me blush!! lol besides you are waaaaay more beautiful

2002-10-02 12:42:56 ET

oh .. thank you.. and yeah.. you and I are beautiful.. :) yay..

2002-10-02 17:32:15 ET

Yeps thats why we are getting married lol

2002-10-02 17:39:51 ET

yeah.. YAY

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