2002-09-18 17:06:22 ET

Went to the chiropractor today... had x-rays.. :( everyones neck is shaped like this ) and mine is so out of aline ment its like | amose like ( which is really really bad..

and i have bone spurs now.. too

2002-09-18 17:10:18 ET

Ack! That sounds pretty painful! Does it hurt?

On a similar note, I have been making a concious effort to not crack my knuckles. many many times I have folded my hands to give a satisfying crack and stopped myself.

2002-09-18 17:37:52 ET

that sucks, I'm sorry :(

2002-09-18 18:22:28 ET

R: yes painful.. its so sore but it will get better..
M:yeah.. but i will get better..

2002-09-18 18:23:16 ET

It's okay, mechahazard, but I appreciate your concern.

Oh, wait, you were talking to Crys? oh

2002-09-18 18:23:53 ET

hahaha.. yeah.. you guys make my day great..

2002-09-18 18:24:01 ET

ahhh, haha, well, I didn't read yours but, that sucks. Good luck on that though.

2002-09-18 18:24:51 ET


2002-09-18 18:28:23 ET

what song are you humming?

2002-09-18 18:32:21 ET

she hates me by puddle of mud..

2002-09-18 18:36:21 ET

lol, I heard the song "Blury", this part sticking

"You know that I'll protect you from all of the obscene"

Then I hear in that song

"she fucking hates me"

Lol! Guess whoever "Blurry" is about won't be hearing his CD then, eh?


They're pretty good though, for a band discovered by Limp Durst

2002-09-18 18:41:19 ET

I very much dislike puddle of mudd. I saw them before they got big. Grrrr.

2002-09-19 06:00:46 ET

haha.. yeah.. Pretty good for Limpdurst discovery... ihate him..

Did you like them when you saw them before?? i saw them before they go big too.. and meet them.. super nice.. doodz

2002-09-19 11:13:09 ET

Hah, no I hated them. The guy was fucking stupid. He was like "I hope we don't rock this place so FUCKING hard this FUCKING chandeler falls down on your FUCKING heads!" Me and my friend just look at each other and are like "riiiiggghttt"

2002-09-19 12:14:15 ET

hahahahahahahaha... that is really funny..

2002-09-19 15:08:55 ET

Fred Durst is a bastard. I've never heard of a neck like that..

2002-09-19 16:09:50 ET

never heard?

I hate Fred Durst aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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