2002-09-20 15:24:54 ET

Hi all..
Hum.. today is my Big sisters birtday

She is a cool chick guys.. you should all go to her page and wish her happy birday.. because she is Grand..
Any way.. hum.. i am really glad i am going to the Chiropractor because i need it.. my neck is starting to form bone spurs, and all of you who know what those are know how painfull those are.. but now he can fix me.. and make my neck all better.. :) yay.. any way.. i am so tired of being tired.. by 4:00pm i have lost all of my energy.. my chiro told me that is because i am using all my muscles to make my head have cushion or someting like that... ok .i am done here..

2002-09-20 16:12:50 ET

Not a very happy situation, Lady. Feel better soon :)

2002-09-20 17:32:12 ET

Crapola cola! I hope that he can fix you up. I also hope its all resonably priced ;)

I am trying Red Bull for energy tomorrow, I'll tell you how it works :)

2002-09-20 18:18:38 ET

ok.. haha.. yeah.. Thank you guys.. you make my day better...


2002-09-20 18:20:52 ET

Love ya too ;)

2002-09-20 18:23:43 ET


2002-09-20 18:27:38 ET

I love you always. You make me feel pur-dy

2002-09-20 18:34:43 ET

its because you are..
and i love you too..

2002-09-21 05:45:32 ET

Powerpuff Girls said it best
<3 "Love, love, love, love, love... love, love... makes the world go round!" <3

2002-09-21 06:42:45 ET

haha.. thats great.. :) big smiles every boddy

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