2002-09-20 18:35:31 ET

Which Angelina Are You?

Aparently i am traped in a womans body..
my be my sister is right maybe i am a lesbian.. haha.. who knows...

What box do you get put in?

brought to you by Quizilla

2002-09-20 18:51:32 ET

heh heh, Gia....thats like softcore Porn, isn't it?

2002-09-20 18:52:09 ET

kinda.. but still a good flick

2002-09-20 19:05:41 ET

Yeah, knowing me I'd just watch it to see Angelina naked...lmao.


2002-09-21 06:43:39 ET

haha.. Yeah she is hott

2002-09-21 09:12:53 ET

my sister always says I'm a lesbian aswell, coincidence?

2002-09-21 13:04:59 ET

haha.. i dont know.. hum...

2002-09-21 13:06:17 ET

I'm a lesbian

2002-09-21 13:07:38 ET

wow.. really..
then yeah..

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