2002-09-21 17:28:23 ET

Hum.. my sister thinks i should send a picture to sykospark.net for the emo poster child? do you?

2002-09-21 19:06:44 ET

theres an emo poster child?

2002-09-21 19:07:09 ET

on sykospark.net..

But i am not emo.. i guess i may dress sortof like that

2002-09-21 19:07:37 ET

yeah, id idnt know they had an emo one though. sure, go for it.

2002-09-21 19:08:18 ET

haha.. dunno.. haha.. it might be a hoot..

2002-09-21 19:09:00 ET


2002-09-21 19:09:26 ET


2002-09-21 19:11:34 ET

yup. whatsup?

2002-09-21 19:12:16 ET

nothing realy.. just tired.. Hum.. how about you?

2002-09-21 19:14:26 ET

pretty much the same. cause i was skating all day. im exhausted.

2002-09-21 19:15:19 ET

yeah.. i did noting really.. went to an arcade.. it was weird.. i am not that type of person.. i want a skate bored.. i have not skated in a while

2002-09-21 19:17:59 ET

oh? go for it. its so great. its such a good stress releiver. ahhh. its better than sex.

2002-09-22 10:41:28 ET

even though I don't know what the hell it is.. go for it.. more power to ya!! =jumps for you= But I'd really like that picture of Adam and I.. and the picture of our butts.. =giggles= please please please..

2002-09-22 13:47:14 ET

ok.. i will locate them and email them to you..

2002-09-22 13:47:41 ET

I wanna to buy a skate bored.. i think i will

2002-09-22 15:22:35 ET


2002-09-22 15:22:40 ET

rock on

2002-09-22 16:04:56 ET

oh yeah.. sk8er heri come

2002-09-22 16:35:39 ET


2002-09-22 17:34:17 ET


2002-09-22 19:01:59 ET

dont correct me.. :( i know..

2002-09-23 10:55:12 ET

=frowns= sorry... habit

2002-09-23 14:28:38 ET

tis ok.. hum..

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