2002-09-21 19:14:35 ET

My head hurts..

2002-09-21 19:18:34 ET

Ack! If it isn't one thing its another! I mean, it's stinks you always gotta put up with pain. :(

Head ache?

2002-09-21 19:21:58 ET

yeah.. Yep...
i feel like a whiner... it sucks

2002-09-21 19:44:47 ET

Don't worry about it, put up what you want on your journal :-)

Hopefully the chiropractic can take care of most of your pain. Headaches, you should take execdrin migraine.

2002-09-21 21:04:03 ET

Yeah.. hum.. i should buy some..

2002-09-22 09:17:29 ET

My arm hurts.......we are broken

2002-09-22 13:49:05 ET

yeah.. hum.. we sould sleep till were better..

2002-09-22 16:44:08 ET

Moof. No fun.

2002-09-22 19:02:14 ET


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