2002-09-22 19:06:07 ET

I feel so empty inside, i dont know. I want to cry but i wont let my self.. I hate it..
I have no friends here, i want something.. i guess i will just have to put my self in to my school work and maybe i will just forget the empty ness..

2002-09-22 19:12:22 ET

I know exactly how you feel. It's hard when you don't know what to do about it. :( (spreads some of his happiness over to Crys) Here ya go!

2002-09-22 19:13:16 ET

:) thank you..
helps alittle..

2002-09-22 19:15:49 ET

Well, I'm sure our situations aren't exactly the same, but I have to, in my mind, let go of it. I hold on to my moods often, and it's hard for me to do it, but thats what it will take for me. I doubt it's the same for you though :( hope you feel better....it's like a sickness, one minute one person has it, and just as they get over another person has it, ya know? I'll be here for you like you were for me :)

2002-09-22 19:17:32 ET

Thank you so much.. you have no idea how much that means to me... it really does..
your right it is a sickness. one they keep putting me on medication for.. it helps sometimes..
You are one of the best people i know.. thank you so much..

2002-09-22 19:19:17 ET

;-) just trying to help out a friend

2002-09-22 19:21:33 ET

i am glad that i am your friend..

2002-09-22 19:28:44 ET

Of course we're friends! Friends help each other :-)

2002-09-22 19:33:28 ET

Thank you
I am glad that your my friend.. i am so glad..
Why cant i meet people like you here..

2002-09-22 19:45:56 ET

It's the tragedy called life, all the great people I've met have been online. I think that if it were real life, ours and all my other online relationships might be different. You know?

2002-09-22 20:01:51 ET

Maybe you can make friends at school and work and you won't need to "forget" the emptyness, rather, just have it disappear.

2002-09-23 04:33:27 ET

Friends are found in the strangest places. Be open to new people, some of them will love you for that wonderful and unique person you are. <3

2002-09-23 06:51:04 ET

i know..
i have been trying to make friends...
I hope i find friends like you guys.. it would be great..

2002-09-23 07:38:04 ET

You will... the time will come!

2002-09-23 10:13:16 ET

yeah.. :) thank you guys..

2002-09-23 10:15:19 ET

Welcome *hug* You shall have to read my cow haiku... when I find it and post it. cough syrup-induced poem.

2002-09-23 10:15:55 ET

haha.. i that will be grand.. *HuGGs**

2002-09-23 14:03:19 ET

I love you crissy

2002-09-23 14:30:34 ET

love you to tinner..

2002-09-27 08:28:59 ET


2002-09-27 15:23:14 ET

Aww shucks *blush*

<3 to the X-treme :)

2002-09-27 18:13:55 ET

haha.. thank you.. muchies..

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