i dont know why
2002-09-24 19:43:22 ET

I think I am crazy, I really do.. I donít know what the hell is wrong with me..
I donít know why I have the thoughts I do.. I canít stop them.. I am scared sometimes.. But mostly intrigued.. I donít know what else to say...

2002-09-24 19:46:53 ET

what kind of thoughts are you having?

2002-09-24 19:47:34 ET

i am not sure i should say them on here..
but it in volves killing..

2002-09-24 19:49:19 ET

thats not good... pm me.

2002-09-24 19:50:29 ET

or msn

2002-09-25 18:07:05 ET

just one thing to say for the day.....BETA BETA BETA BEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehe....I love my beta Cleopatra too

2002-09-25 18:36:56 ET

Cleopatra, coming atya!

My thoughts used to involve killing, mainly myself, but erm, now I think of uh, nothing. LOL

2002-09-25 19:28:55 ET

haha.. thankyou guys.. you rule..

2002-09-27 11:02:51 ET

I'm sorry that you are feeling that way. I used to think of killing and stuff but it faded. PM me if you want to talk about it.

2002-09-27 11:45:18 ET

ok.. you are so sweet.. :) you rock my socks.. haha.. yeah..

2002-09-27 14:02:59 ET

Wait, who rocks your socks?

2002-09-27 18:14:15 ET

You do..

2002-09-27 19:54:21 ET


2002-09-27 19:56:00 ET

:) ohyeah..

2002-09-27 19:59:40 ET

You should send me a message on AIM.

2002-09-27 20:00:01 ET


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