2002-09-25 19:27:30 ET

i have the heebygeebies.. gah.. i was getting my dogs food and there were cockroaches in the garage, so i came back in quickly and put shoes on so i could squish.. the i filled there bowls and came back in fliped on the light and the roaches were in the food anc on my arm..i freaked out and through the dishes on the grownd and yelled for help to squish them all.. one headed for my room and my mom being my hero squished it with her bare foot... she rules...

Gah.. i hate roaches.. not the madagascar hissing ones but the every day ones.. and sewer roaches... the suck.. aahhh.. hate.. hate hate..

2002-09-29 05:49:59 ET

oh my god! im scared of your garage now.

2002-09-29 19:09:32 ET

haha.. dont be..

2002-09-29 19:10:57 ET

but! but! its scarey! haha i had to go in there a few times today dj brought her drum sticks and we were bagnin on everything.

2002-09-29 19:11:31 ET

ahaha.. those are my dads drum sticks..

2002-09-29 19:13:13 ET

yeah i know.

2002-09-29 19:22:42 ET


2002-09-29 19:24:55 ET

are you on a diffrent computer or something? how are you doing the whole dj to crys dj to crys?

2002-09-29 19:55:11 ET

haha.. yeah.. i was on moms computer

2002-09-30 12:19:15 ET


2002-09-30 12:24:53 ET

yep yep

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