weird and tired
2002-09-25 21:14:46 ET

I dont know why but i cant sleep.. gah..i want to sleep.. really bad.. because i dont have energy any more.. its gone buy lime 4 which is because of my spine.. but still.. i want to sleep..
Hum.. i dont know.. i think i am afraid to fall asleep lately.. i gues.. my mind wanders before i fall asleep and i have bad dreams or really strange ones..

School tomorrow.. class at 10:10 like always.. hum.. algebra.. got all the home work done that i could.. some times I feel like i am not smart enough for school.. but i am and i know that.. hum..

Hey there is a weird bug cralling on my screen.. hum.. i have to go to the bathroom.. i sure you all wanted to know that.. i think i will try to go to sleep in a little while.. hum.. ok.. good night all.. sleep tight and feel wonderful.. haha.. sometimes i acted like such and optimus but i am not.. hum..
ok bye bye..

2002-09-26 04:21:35 ET

College class schedules have a weird way of wrecking your sleep schedule. I used to get to sleep at 2:30/3 only to wake up for class/work at 8, if not earlier. Every time, you walk through the day, not quite functioning on coffee, and feeling like a bit player in someone else's nightmare, as Stephen King put it.

2002-09-26 04:26:01 ET

Crsytal... come spend the night here!!! I'll bonk youto sleep.

2002-09-26 10:03:17 ET

CG: thats really true... hum.. i am glad i dont work yet..

Rikki.. i would .. really..

2002-09-26 10:20:22 ET

work=bad...but at least you have some sleep cycle...sort of

2002-09-26 10:35:34 ET

yeah.. sort of..

2002-09-26 14:48:14 ET

Sleeeeeep baby sleeeeeep!

Happy music and warm drinks a while before bed. Might work.

2002-09-26 16:46:45 ET

yeah.. i just had a nap.. well about 1 hour..

2002-09-27 15:33:51 ET

I like naps... they like the body and are good for you.

2002-09-27 17:55:43 ET

My 20 minute naps last about 4 hours... :P

2002-09-27 18:15:02 ET

haha.. thats great.. naps do a body good

and 20 min and 4 hours later she awakes feeeling refreshed..

2002-09-29 06:05:24 ET

Refreshed and wondering why the Simpsons were on...

2002-09-29 11:37:36 ET


2002-09-29 19:10:03 ET

ah.. hum.. simpsons are good..

2002-09-30 03:07:56 ET

Simpsons come on around 6/6:30 in my neck of the woods :)

2002-09-30 09:49:42 ET

ah.. yes.. i think here too.. not remembering so much

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