2002-09-27 08:35:26 ET

Chiro again today.. i may not get to go to edge fest tomorow... :( it sucks.. i have to call amanda.. hum..
i have a head ache.. i hope it goes away.. hum.. i am tired amanda called me today and woke me up at 7:30 am.. i wanted to sleep in but that did nto happen.. gah.. hum.. win $1million dollars thats wath the can says next to my computer... hum.. kodak.. ivy... koss.com.. hum.. cd-rom.. dominoes.. ok im just listing stuff i see.. hum..

Hum.. horizon moving systems.. haha.. i am rambling.. gah.. to tired to think of real stuff to write..

Hey my shoulder hurts.. hum.. i wonder why.. hum.. and my hip... i must have slept weird.. hum..

Feeling the loss in my head
wanting only to be in bed
to tired to function
wait i want a conjunction
haha.. i am tired.. and making up junk.. haha.. its great.. hum.. for any way..

My eye glazed over i can only seefuzz.. haha.. its funny realy.. i have to drive my dad and i to the chiro practor.. he threw his back out yesterday.. and was in the er for a while so i had to miss class which sucks.. buecause i had to take my little sister to school. and then run a hellalot of erranda.. i have my eyes closeed i hope i am typing right i am not looking.. i am ramblingh so much.. hum.. yues

k.. i have to sleep... call amanda before.. hum..
good day all..

2002-09-27 12:47:12 ET

you say hum way too fucking much

2002-09-27 15:40:59 ET

Yay poetry! LOL
Agreed, hum is much used in your speech patterns.

2002-09-27 17:50:09 ET

Edgefest, I went to that because it was part of uh klondike days in edmonton. That was ages ago.

2002-09-27 18:16:44 ET

ah.. i want to go.. and i cant.. :( it sucks..

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